Zenbridge blockchain interop

API-based blockchain interop layer

Zenbridge offers a back-end abstraction layer, that lets your app talk to multiple blockchains and databases with the same API calls. It extends individual blockchain capabilities using metadata and reduces development complexity, effectively making each blockchain a plugin.

Zenbridge blockchain interop

Many blockchains, one aPI

Use Zenbridge to perform transactions of multiple blockchains using the same (or very similar) APIs.


Blockchain Interop stack

Create a side-chain to Bitcoin and Ethereum*, based on Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Blockchain Interop stack

Using MongoDB, add tags and messages to your transactions, and search or browse transactions via tags and comments.

Blockchain Interop stack

Create your cryptocurrency from scratch and use it within your group, implement different economic governances, Use your currency offline (eg. during festivals) via printed qrcode.

Blockchain Interop stack

Aggregate and visualize data generated during time, visually browse and open transactions and blocks in the browser. 

Blockchain Interop stack

Use it as wallet for cryptocurrencies (it supports Bitcoin and derivatives and Ethereum*).

Blockchain Interop stack

Use it with a default authentication system or use it within an existing userbase.

Large coverage
easily extendable

Blockchain Interop stack
Zenbridge blockchain interop

Multi-DLT transactions

Zenbridge builds a layer on top of different blockchains, allowing a client application to read data and perform transactions on multiple blockchains.

Simplified data management

Data is sanitized, input checked and the same data structures are returned independently of the blockchain used, along with human-readable errors. Zenbridge also allows to store data on databases for tagging, keeping balance, indexing and searching.

Zenbridge blockchain interop
Zenbridge blockchain interop

Modular and extensible

Zenbridge currently supports Bitcoin (and derivatives), Sawtooth, MongoDB, Ethereum*, MySQL*, Redis* and neo4j* and is highly modular and blockchain-agnostic, making it easy to integrate a new blockchain.


Open Source

All our software is free and open source, we’re building inter-operability and coordinating efforts with DECODE, Sovrin, OW2.


We offer professional support for the integration with enterprise infrastructure and commercial products. Let us know about your project! 

Developer Resources

An interface to transactions operation for Bitcoin

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A clean and reliable API layer

A minimalist clojure protocol abstraction over document databases

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Multi-purpose blockchain explorer UI​

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GraphQL-based blockchain explorer UI


Coming soon!

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This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nr. 732546 (DECODE).

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